a year ago

Episode 001: Wild Noodlings

Episode 001: Wild Noodling

Welcome to Anyway, We're Pretentious, a podcast for lovers of discourse and for those who delight in things deemed pretentious.

I'm Claire, your host and resident discourse nerd, and my guest this week is Allison, a childhood friend and excellent graphic designer. We share a passion for ethical purchasing and talk about the various issues that arise when you're post-grad and anti-fast-fashion. How do you act and exist in a space that isn't going to cater or have the necessities for green living? Where to get your clothes when the affordable ones aren't the ethical ones?

Soon after we renamed the entire podcast after speaking on the rather tangled mess that is the word "pretentious" and I decided to own it.

All this while drinking rosé. I hope you enjoyed this experimental first episode. Join me for the next one, as we grow and chat together.